Bingo Pursuit (09/2015 - Present)

This is not your ordinary Bingo. This is Bingo where the world is your game board.

Choose from a variety of categories: at work, on the town, at an event and more. Your Bingo board can even check into locations — this is geocaching at a whole new level. Plus, customize your own Bingo boards with categories, phrases and locations that you want to collect and share. Challenge friends to see who can complete their board first. Just like in traditional Bingo, choose how a player fills out his or her board (five in a row, four corners, full board, etc.). Plus, you keep tabs on how close friends are to completing their boards with our interactive view.

Co-Owners: Developers, designers, testers

  • Kristy Hanratty
  • Laura Sestito

Technologies Being Used

  • VB.net 4.5.1
  • SQL Server 2014
  • JQuery 1.11.3
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5

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